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Don't get lost in translation

These days, many German accountants can also communicate with their clients in English. However, most of the communication with official German authorities will be in German, so your accountant needs to be proficient in both languages.

Accountant specialization

German law limits the kinds of job each accountant can take on based on their specific education and specialization. It is therefore important to ensure that you contract the right accountant for your requirements.

Avoid hidden charges

To find a good accountant, you need to compare offers from various companies. Ageras makes comparison easy by providing transparent offers from various accountants and ensuring that they meet your requirements, so that you can make the right decision for your business.

We aim to provide you with 3 excellent offers within two working days.

Accountant for start-ups

Start-ups normally have limited experience in running a company. You're bringing your favorite idea to life and need to invest as much time and energy into it as possible. An accountant can help you reduce the administrative workload and free up more time for creativity.

Accounting services for enterprises

If your company is growing and you're starting to sell your products and/or service outside of Germany, or even outside of Europe, the tax and accounting regulations get more complex. To fulfill all requirements of German law, a professional accountant maybe necessary.

Accountant and tax consultant

An entrepreneur will often profit from the professional advice of a tax consultant. This requires resilient financial figures provided by a professional accountant. These financial figures are also necessary for negotiations with potential investors and banks.

There are a few things to keep in mind when terminating a contract to hire another accountant

You can always terminate your contract with your accountant; however, you may need to give a period of notice. Make sure to always cancel any arrangements with your current accountant in writing and keep the correspondance saved in case complications or misunderstandings may arise. If you are not satisfied with your accounting service, we advise that you do not change accountant before the end of the fiscal year. This simplifies the change because your previous contractor must hand over all documents.

It is best to terminate your contract with your current accountant before starting new tasks and after completion of all the work that you had already agreed on in your contract. If it can not be avoided and you are to terminate the contract while certain tasks are open or unfinished, then your current accountant may charge a partial fee for work that has begun while your new accountant may charge a fee again for completion of those tasks. So be aware that you may pay twice in those situations.

Your current accountant is obligated to hand over your data and documents concerning your case to your new accountant - this excludes personal notes and non-official documents though. Many German accountants make use of an accountaning software such as DATEV so that the transfer should be fairly simple. Your current accountant might reserve the right to withhold documents for as long as you have outstanding payments. So, make sure to all acoounts with your current accountant in order to guarantee a a smooth transition.

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